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EXTRUDER RIPPER — Ripped Speaker Fuzz Crossover Distortion Pedal

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The Extruder Ripper is a new ripped speaker cone distortion pedal designed by MONO DIVISION. You will be pleased that unlike other ripped speaker pedals, this circuit offers a smoother tone without that sputtery "voltage starved" sound.

The basic principle of the Extruder Ripper is the “crossover distortion” circuitry that affects distortion around the midpoint of the waveform. The gain control of the Extruder Ripper provides both variable boost and variable resonant frequency which contributes to the overall effect of the speaker simulation.

Use this pedal to get the storied “sliced and torn” speaker effect without sounding like you have a fuzz with a dying battery.



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1 Year Limited Warranty


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9VDC — center negative 2.1mm pin connector
Power supply not included
No battery option

Pedal Dimensions 
4.7" x 3.7" x 2.1"

Printed Enclosure
True Bypass


Extruder Ripper Manual

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