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INDUCTOR EQUALIZER — Vintage Style 6 Band EQ Pedal

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This recreation of the rare Shin-ei AF-17 equalizer offers the addition of a DC power option with power supply filtering as well as true bypass switching not found in the original AF-17. The footprint has also been greatly reduced thanks to surface mount technology and miniaturized inductors. This circuit is all discrete JFET and transistor design.

For your reference, some other popular inductor EQs include the famous "Motown" EQs by Altec and Langevin. Inductor EQs are renowned for adding color and warmth to your signal. Inductor EQs saturate and have their own unique equalization curves not found in other equalization topologies.

The MONO DIVISION Inductor EQ can cut or boost 6dB on any of the 6 bands. Maximum boost produces mild saturation and resonance at the selected boost frequency.



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This pedal will not operate as designed at 9 volts! Please use 12-18V center negative DC power. 18VDC is recommended for more headroom.

The +/-6dB EQ bands are centered on 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, and 4kHz.

This EQ topology exerts a steeper curve on the higher frequency bands and a broader curve on the lower frequency bands.

12-18VDC — center negative 2.1mm pin connector
Power supply not included
No battery option

Pedal Dimensions
4.7" x 3.7" x 2.1"

Printed Enclosure
True Bypass


Inductor Equalizer Manual

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