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SWELL LIMITER — Mid-Range Lo-Fi Compressor Limiter Pedal

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The Swell Limiter is a silicon diode-based discrete limiter and compressor with an op-amp input gain stage. This is a mid-fi (or lo-fi) limiter with a soft, warm tone.

Playing a note or chord into the Swell Limiter produces a long, ringing, fuzzy sound with a characteristic “bloom” that gradually transitions in and out as the sound decays. This pedal sounds best when pushing a loud, overdriven tube amp.

Be forewarned that this limiter does NOT preserve the clean, transient sound of your input and is intended to be what is typically referred to as a “color” limiter or compressor.



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1 Year Limited Warranty


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9VDC — center negative 2.1mm pin connector
Power supply not included
No battery option

Pedal Dimensions 
4.7" x 3.7" x 2.1"

Printed Enclosure
True Bypass


Swell Limiter Manual

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