The original purchaser of any MONO DIVISION pedal is granted a 1 year limited warranty in North America. Pedals are protected against inherent fault for 1 year from date of purchase. Our warranty does not protect against water damage, reverse polarity damage, over-voltage or any other consumer fault. Purchasers must abide by our legal notice for eligibility.

If you believe your pedal is malfunctioning due to inherent fault, you may contact us to obtain an authorization for repair or replacement. We will attempt to troubleshoot the problem before providing authorization and we may request video or audio evidence of the malfunction. We will need the serial code written on the back of your pedal to authorize your repair or replacement.

Some variation in print quality is normal. Warranty does not protect against minor visual defects or flaws of the pedal enclosure or packaging.

MONO DIVISION does not offer returns at this time. Penalty free cancellations are permitted prior to shipment.

Since it is not possible to determine if the malfunction of jacks, switches and potentiometers is an inherent fault, these malfunctions are not covered under our limited warranty. The cost of repair for these parts, however, will be discounted if the pedal is still within the eligible warranty period.

Our limited warranties are only valid in North America. If you are ordering from outside of North America, you may want to buy our pedals from a dealer that offers their own warranty policy. You may still want to do this if you are ordering in North America and want to take advantage of a dealers given warranty or return policy. Let your local music stores know that you want them to stock our pedals.

If your warranty has expired or otherwise been voided, we will still accept malfunctioning pedals for service and we will provide you a quote for the repair job up to the cost of a full circuit board replacement. Keep in mind that if the problem is not able to be diagnosed, we will default to full circuit board replacement which will only provide a small savings over buying a brand new pedal when considering the cost of shipping both ways.

Customers may request repair parts if they are confident in making repairs but we cannot provide support for installation of repair parts at this time.

If a specific pedal design is no longer available from us, please understand that our ability to provide support or repair parts may be limited.

All offers valid only as long as MONO DIVISION remains in business.

All warranties may only be redeemed once.